OBAMA CAMPAIGN EMAIL STRATEGY. The reason for the informal subject line of this morning’s set of links will be clear after reading this Businessweek report. “One fascination in a presidential race mostly bereft of intrigue was the strange, incessant and weirdly overfamiliar e-mails emanating from the Obama campaign.” The article says that fundraising emails with the subject line “Hey” were highly successful.

THE ADELSON PRIMARY. Politico. “Planning a presidential campaign used to mean having coffee with county party chairs in their Iowa or New Hampshire living rooms. The courting of Adelson, a full four years out from 2016, demonstrates how super PAC sugar daddies have become the new must-have feature for White House wannabes.”

WORLD CHAMPION. Story here. “U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott’s well-known globe-trotting ways have landed him a dubious new distinction: He took one of the priciest congressional trips in recent history.”

RICE’S FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE. The Post. “Several ethics advisers interviewed Thursday said they did not see an immediate problem with the Rice’s investments but suggested that people on such a career track not hold stock in individual companies.”

K ST. MOVES. Politico. “It’s that time of year again in Washington, when lawmakers who once ran for office calling for change inside the Beltway are heading straight to K Street.”

SALARY STRATEGY. The Post. “Financial disclosures can be such pesky things for folks in the political limelight.”

COMMON SENSE AND THE RING CASE. Forbes. “Kevin Ring is guilty …. guilty of being a lobbyist and writing a few misguided emails. However, he’s not guilty of bribery. Expect a decision in 2013 …. almost 3 years after his original conviction and Abramoff’s release from prison.”

SEN. RUDMAN AND CFR. Here. “Less well known, but no less important, was his decision to spend his latter years challenging the Washington power establishment, including his own party, on fiscal and campaign finance reform.”

MI/WI: COAL-FIRED PARSING. Story here. “Buried in a Coast Guard reauthorization bill now in final negotiations between the House and the Senate is curious language saying a ‘qualified vessel’ shall continue to operate for its entire lifetime, ‘without regard to any expiration dates’ on the permit it operates on.”

NJ: PAY TO PLAY CASE. Story here. “Angarone admitted the firm would them illegally reimburse the employees for their contributions in the form of additional bonus payments and would omit the reimbursements in documents filed with the state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission and governmental agencies that awarded the firm contracts, according to the Attorney General’s Office.”

NY: CUOMO AND CFR. The Times. “Here’s one way Gov. Andrew Cuomo can match the acclaim he achieved by getting same-sex marriage approved in New York State: persuade the State Legislature to make New York’s system of electing legislators the fairest and most transparent in the country.”

TN: MOVE TO DUMP LIMITS. Story here. “Perhaps on a bipartisan basis, state legislators are moving toward repealing Tennessee’s limits on political campaign contributions while requiring more rapid and complete disclosure.”


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