Good morning, here are Monday’s political law links, 5-6-13

POST ON POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE.  Here.  “In an economy in which the federal government spends one out of every five dollars and influences the spending of many more, it’s no surprise that private-sector players would pay big bucks to find out what it’s going to do next.”  I’ll have a lot more on political intelligence news and resources once my new site gets off the ground.

AD BUY BOOST.  Roll Call. “A Republican group that backs immigration reform is shifting its advertising strategy as it prepares for the Senate to to take up the debate when it returns from recess this week.”

SITE HACK.  The Hill.  “The hack is observable when users type in ‘,’ but not when the group’s full web address is typed into a browser.

TIMES ON COURT DIRECTION.  Story here.  “In the eight years since Chief Justice Roberts joined the court, it has allowed corporations to spend freely in elections in the Citizens United case, has shielded them from class actions and human rights suits, and has made arbitration the favored way to resolve many disputes.”

PICK’S TIES.  Story here.  “President Obama’s nominee to head the Federal Communications Commission has an extensive history with the industries he would be in charge of regulating. But that experience has some observers wondering if Tom Wheeler was the best choice for the job.”

KS:  LOBBYIST SPENDING ANALYSIS.  Story here.  “Lobbyists seeking to influence state laws have spent $380,000 feeding, entertaining and giving gifts to legislators in the first three months of this year.”


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