Today’s political law links, 5/8/13

FEC AGENDA. The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

BRIEF IN LIMITS CASE. The Hill. “The RNC said in its brief that the court should strike down aggregate limits because they infringe on donors’ First Amendment rights but don’t serve an appropriate and ‘narrowly tailored’ government interest.”

“HISTORIANS” IN THE SHADOWS.  Tim LaPira discusses shadow lobbying here.  “They can elude the law’s registration requirement by simply interpreting the strict statutory definition of ‘lobbyist’ as not applying to them.  That is, so long as they are not spending 20% of their time—think one full day in a normal work week—on behalf of any single client for an entire quarter, then they do not need to register or report their lobbying activities.”

GUILTY PLEA IN CONTRIBUTIONS CASE. Story here. “Former liquor executive Christopher J. Tigani pleaded guilty to three felonies today in Delaware Superior Court for his scheme in 2007 and 2008 to funnel money to political campaigns through his family’s beer distribution business.”

NY: CFR HEARING CIRCUS. Story here. “Protestors were literally coming in through the windows at today’s state Senate hearing on the New York City campaign finance system.”

NY: ENFORCEMENT ISSUES. Story here. “There were 103,805 violations of New York’s campaign finance laws that went unenforced by the state Board of Elections, according to a report released Tuesday by the New York Public Interest Research Group, an Albany-based good government group.”

SC: REFORMS ADVANCE. Story here. “A South Carolina Senate panel has advanced an ethics reform package that removes ethics investigations from legislators.”


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