Thurs. political law links

TECH FOR CFR.  TechCrunch.  “When it comes to big money in politics, a group of tech magnates is fighting fire with fire — or super PAC with super PAC — according to a report from Reuters.”

MA:  NEW SUPER PAC.  Boston Globe.  “Another day, another Massachusetts political action committee that can raise unlimited amounts of money — from people, labor unions, and corporations — and spend it to influence elections.”

MA:  SUPER PAC DISCLOSURE.  Herald.  “The Massachusetts House overwhelmingly approved a bill Wednesday that supporters say would shine a light on donors to super PACs.”

NC:  GO ELECTRONIC.  N&O.  “Now it’s up to the Senate to approve the legislation and move campaign finance reporting into the 21st century.”

WI:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE IN RACE.  Tomah Journal.  “The race for Wisconsin governor has a new issue: campaign finance.”

INDIA:  DISCLOSURE ISSUE.  “Notwithstanding their obligation to submit details of donations received above Rs.20,000, national political parties did not furnish details of 703 donors contributing Rs.11.14 crore in the 2012-13 financial year, an ADR report said.”


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