Political law links

PAY TO PLAY COMPLIANCE MEASURES.  Aristotle (David Mason):  “What is surprising, given Keith’s very active history of contributions to politicians in positions to influence investment decisions, is that apparently no one in a compliance role at the firm set up a pre-contribution screening system to prevent violations of SEC Rule 206(4)-5 which prohibits certain campaign contributions by pension fund advisors and their covered associates.”

LOBBYING BILL.  Roll Call.  “A bill recently introduced in Congress would require lobbyists to identify relatives who are senior government officials, and prohibit candidates and their committees from employing relatives.”

COURT CASE INVOLVING IRS.  The Hill.  “Two conservative organizations – Judicial Watch and True the Vote – won hearings over the missing emails of Lois Lerner, shifting the center of action on the IRS investigation this week from the Capitol to a federal district courthouse.”

DARK MONEY BEHIND REFORM EFFORT.   WFB.  “A liberal campaign finance reformer with ties to one of the left’s leading dark money outfits succeeded last week in raising $5 million to elect politicians who will pledge to reduce the influence of money in the American political process.”

CLINTON AND COORDINATION.  MJ.  “In the Wild West of post-Citizens United campaign finance law, there is a major loophole that would allow Clinton to work as closely as she likes with any of the super-PACs that are working to boost her 2016 chances. The same goes for any candidate who, like Clinton, does not hold political office and is not a declared candidate.”

CROWDPAC SEEKS OPINION.  Legal Newsline.  “Instead of going to a candidate’s individual website to donate, Crowdpac wants to offer web surfers the opportunity to browse an array of candidates and donate on site.”

CO:  GESSLER TRIP PAYMENT.  Denver Post.  “The Colorado Independent Ethics Commission seems to have averted what could have been a partisan political showdown over travel for elected officials Monday by giving tacit approval for Scott Gessler to go to Las Vegas.

LA:  SUPER PAC SCOPE.  Nola.com.  “Despite being the new kid on the block, and in spite of the prohibition against coordinating with candidates and campaigns, super PACS are quickly becoming the most versatile tools campaigns have at their disposal.”


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