Political law links

WAL-MART ACCUSED. Bloomberg. “The groups allege in the complaint that Wal-Mart’s offer of a 2-for-1 match ‘provides a powerful financial incentive — in the form of indirect compensation — to an employee.'”

LIBERALS TOPS. Sunlight. “Left-leaning billionaires continue to top the list of the biggest super PAC donors, with an ever-increasing chunk of the cash coming from just one man, reports to the Federal Election Commission filed in August show.”

DONATION SOURCE. Yahoo. “The Center for Public Integrity first raised questions about the six-figure super PAC contribution because the address American Crossroads listed for Glenmede seemed odd: It wasn’t the location of the company’s corporate headquarters in Philadelphia but that of a beachside condo in Florida.”

GA: LOBBYIST TRAVEL. AJC. The article discusses the impact of new rules on officials’ travel.

MA: SUPER PAC ATTACK. Boston Globe. “A GOP-aligned super PAC that has already spent millions of dollars on the Massachusetts gubernatorial race today released a new ad attacking Democratic nominee Martha Coakley.”

MT: ELECTION COMING. NBC. “The countdown to November is on so Motl is busy inspecting complaints to uphold transparency in politics.”

MT: DARK MONEY V. GHOST MONEY. Dailyinterlake.com. “I have noticed with amusement the Democrats’ absolute terror over money they deem to be dark money. This is any money that finds its way into Republican coffers. But, I notice their alacrity in accommodating their own unaccounted money. It order to explain this money I will refer to it as ‘Ghost Money.'”

NY: EARLIER PAYMENTS. Capital New York. “Chief among the proposed reforms is permission for the board to accelerate payments of matching funds to qualifying candidates.”

VA: SEEKING DOJ OK. WP. “House Speaker William J. Howell announced Monday that he will block the confirmation of three former legislators’ nominations to state employment until the U.S. Justice Department assures him that the appointments are legal.”


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