Here are today’s political law links

CU THERE.  CCP.  “On the fifth anniversary of the Citizens United ruling, top journalists will interview a variety of experts to explore the impact of the case on politics, liberals and the future of the First Amendment.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  The Hill.  “Republicans with ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) have formed a new super-PAC to ‘protect and expand’ on the new GOP majority in the Senate.”

SUPER PAC SINGLES.  HuffPo.  “The phenomenon of single-candidate super PACs is significant because it is unlikely that many groups would focus all of their efforts on helping just one congressional candidate if they did not have ties to him or her.”

SUPREMES WILL STRIKE.  New Yorker.  “The Roberts Court’s deregulation of campaign finance—one of the principal projects of the court’s conservative justices—is rolling along with merciless efficiency.”

WHO HUCK PAID.  “Mother Jones reports in detail what has long been obvious — Mike Huckabee used his personal PAC to funnel money into his family and for fund-raising for his personal political operation.”

LOBBYIST SENTENCED.  Sun Times.  “A former South Sider who illegally lobbied black Chicago politicians to end U.S. sanctions against Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe was on Tuesday sentenced to 15 months in federal prison.”

CA:  TAX CREDIT IDEA.  LAT.  “Rather than simply rehearsing the same stale debates, we need to find different approaches. One is to enact a federal tax credit to encourage small donors to contribute up to $200 to a candidate or political party.”

IL:  EMANUEL SUPER PAC HAUL.  Sun Times.  “The $2 million super PAC created to re-elect Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his City Council allies has received a $100,000 contribution from a Laborer’s union that endorsed Gery Chico in 2011.”

MT:  STRONG COMMISSION SOUGHT.  Missoulian.  “If we citizens want to be heard above the din of corporations and money, we must have a strong Commission on Political Practices or the relentless national campaign to destroy election laws will pay no attention to the laws we have left.”

NJ:  OPINION ON LEGAL FEES.  “Former Newark Mayor Sharpe James and an associate improperly used about $94,000 in campaign funds to pay for legal fees surrounding James’ federal indictment in 2007, a state appeals court wrote in a decision published Friday.”

NJ:  NEW IN NJ.  “A new ‘super’ political action committee that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money was created last week by Lyndhurst attorney Donald Scarinci to help Democratic candidates for state and federal office.”


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