Tues. 3-3 political law links

FECA AND RETIREMENTS. WP.  “Since the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), the median senator has announced her retirement 509 days before the general election and 321.5 days before the filing deadline. What changed?”

SUPER PAC MOONLIGHTER.  Firstlook.org. “According to a disclosure document obtained by The Intercept, Susan McCue — Sen. Harry Reid’s chief of staff from 1999–2006 and now co-founder and president of Senate Majority PAC, which claims to ‘fight to elect Democratic senators who will put working Americans ahead of the Kochs and their corporate interests’ — has also consulted for numerous corporate clients.”

PRO-PERRY PAC.   Clarion Ledger. “Austin Barbour is heading up the super PAC that will support Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.”

COST CENTERS AND THE COST OF NON-COMPLIANCE.  Paytoplaylawblog.com. “We have seen in the past (especially in New Jersey) that pay-to-play violations can result in significant criminal consequences as well as major fines.  Some, like the authors of this blog, have shouted warnings into the wind; largely to no avail.  Hits to bottom line revenues should be enough to get the C Suite to take pay-to-play compliance seriously.”

IL:  DATE CHANGE.   WIFR.  “The Illinois electoral system would see changes under proposals in the state legislature, including ones on primaries and campaign finance.”

MA:  SUPPORT FOR SUIT.  Southcoasttoday.com. “There’s no logical justification for outlawing corporate campaign contributions but not union contributions.”

MT:  POTENTIAL VIOLATION.   GF Tribune. “A state senator’s aide has been asked to quit after his registration as a lobbyist was revealed as a potential ethics violation.”

NM:  SUPPORT FOR CFR.  KRWG.    A new poll of New Mexico business leaders released today shows serious concern about the lack of transparency in New Mexico’s government and campaign finance system.”

WV:  COMPROMISE BILL.   WV Metro News. “A compromise bill raising the contribution limits for political candidates in West Virginia and making changes to campaign finance disclosure requirements is going back to the Senate Judiciary Committee in the final weeks of the 2015 Regular Legislative Session.”


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