Tues. top political law links

FINANCING CRUSADE.  Capital Gazette.  “U.S. Rep. John Sarbanes, D-District 3, visited Thursday with The Capital editorial board, where he fielded questions for about an hour. Sarbanes talked at length about his legislation, H.R. 20, The Government by the People Act, which would create a public financing pool that empowers small donations from individuals.”

AK:  SUPER PAC FORMED.  Newsminer.com.  “An election tool usually seen in national politics is showing up in the Anchorage mayor’s race.”

CA:  TOO LATE.  LAT.  “Citizens for Increased Voter Participation, the group backing the two ballot measures, reported getting more than $172,000 in donations on election day or the day after. Those last-minute funds made up more than 40% of the campaign’s large contributions of $1,000 or more. Such donations must be reported within 24 hours to the city Ethics Commission, which posts the information on its website.”

CO:  COMPLAINTS DISMISSED.  Gazette.com.  “Anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce filed more complaints with the City Clerk’s Office on Wednesday, targeting campaign finance reports by two local political action committees.”

GA:  CFR IN HOUSE.  Macon.com.  “The House bill would allow party caucuses in both chambers to make unlimited contributions to support a party ticket. State law currently requires caucuses to make donations through their parties to avoid donation caps. The House bill passed 166-6.”

MT:  BILL TO CONFIRM.  Standard.  ” Saying he is losing his patience, Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso said Friday he is preparing to introduce a bill next week to confirm Jonathan Motl as the state’s political practices commissioner.”

NY:  DONOR FINED.  NYDN.  “A top donor to Mayor de Blasio — who helped broker a peace deal between the mayor and one of his loudest police critics — was fined $3,561 on Thursday by the Campaign Finance Board.”


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