A.M. political law links 4-10

COPYRIGHT AND CAMPAIGNS.  WP.  “If you’re looking for Rand Paul’s presidential announcement on YouTube, bad news. As of writing, the video has been blocked by the video streaming site, thanks to a copyright claim from Warner Music Group, as Vox’s Andrew Prokop spotted.”

PAUL LETTER HITS ADS.  BF.  “‘The Advertisement attempts to deceive voters regarding Senator Rand Paul’s position on U.S.-Iran relations through at least three false statements,’ writes Paul campaign general counsel Matthew T. Sanderson in the letter dated April 7, which was obtained by BuzzFeed News on Thursday.”

BITCOIN QUESTIONS.  NYT.  “The Bitcoin itself is essentially untraceable if the owner wants to maintain anonymity, and political candidates who accept them must rely largely on donors’ disclosing their identity.”

DEADLINE APPROACHING.  Senate.gov.  “April 20, 2015 … 1st Quarter report (Jan 1 – Mar 31, 2015)”

TAU ON STAND WITH [        ].  WSJ.  “Stand with Rand is no more.”

FEC TURNS 40.  A. Ravel.  “The #FEC will host a 40th anniversary event on April 14 from 10am-12pm. Former FEC staff are welcome, please join us!”

SURPLUS CAMPAIGN MONEY IDEA.  HuffPo.   “As of last year, nearly $100 million in campaign funds sat idle in the accounts of former political candidates.”

MT:  MOTL FAIR.  Missoulian.  “How refreshing it is to have found a political person who dispenses justice fairly. He has many a Democrat unhappy with his rulings. And there is no shortage of Republicans who thinks he comes down too hard on their (errors?).”

NV:  BILL CLEARS SENATE.  RJ.  “A bill that would ban gifts from lobbyists and require candidates to file monthly campaign finance reports during election years was approved unanimously by the Nevada Senate on Thursday.”

NY:  LOOPHOLE MOVE URGED.  NYDN.  “For years, good government groups and editorial boards have complained about the so-called ‘LLC loophole,’ which allows special interests to funnel millions of dollars into campaigns anonymously. Just a few weeks ago, upstate Assemblyman Bill Nojay called it ‘the mothership of Albany corruption.'”

WI:  REWRITING LAWS.  UW.  “Chapter 11 of the state statutes, governing campaign financing, clearly needs a rewrite. Court rulings have blown huge holes in the law, which dates to 1974.”


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