4-15 political law links

INSIGHT ON POLITICAL INTELLIGENCE REGULATION.   Steptoe (Abel and Sinder).    “Firms engaged in ‘political intelligence’ activities may soon face new requirements, following a recent announcement by Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) that he will once again push for legislation that requires disclosure of these activities.”

“CRITICAL NEED” FOR CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS.  WSJ.  “There is ‘a critical need’ for criminal prosecutions, even in cases where misconduct can be handled through civil or regulatory action, a top U.S. Department of Justice official said Tuesday.”

HRC ON CFR.  WP.  “Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for changes to the nation’s campaign finance system, saying here Tuesday that she would support a constitutional amendment if that’s what it takes to fix what she called a ‘dysfunctional’ system.”

READY FOR FUNDRAISING.  Politico.  “Within hours of the former secretary of state’s digital foray, Democratic Action 2016 began making robocalls to voters in Virginia and perhaps in other states. The calls are seeking small-dollar donations to aid Clinton and other Democrats.”

SUPPORT FOR PRESIDENTIAL CFR EO.  MSNBC.  “He can issue an executive order to expose secret political spending by federal contractors. The only question is whether he will follow through.”

CA:  LAW REVISED.  VCStar.com.  “Despite pleas for a delay, county supervisors Tuesday set up a new system for enforcing the county’s campaign finance law.”

MO:  FOCUS ON RACE.  StLToday.com.  “Bev Randles, the Republican candidate for Missouri lieutenant governor who landed an unprecedented $1 million political donation last year from mega-donor Rex Sinquefield, is stepping down from the conservative lobbying group Missouri Club for Growth in order to focus on her campaign, her campaign announced today.”

RI:  TWO BILLS APPROVED.  PJ.  “The full House on Tuesday approved two of three bills aimed at plugging some of the loopholes that allowed former House Speaker Gordon D. Fox to loot his campaign fund — undetected for years — to pay more than $100,000 in personal expenses.”

TX:  CITY LOBBYING RULES CHANGE.  Statesman.com.  “To improve transparency, we must implement electronic and searchable filing for campaign financing and lobbyist registration. This system will improve the public’s access to information on who is funding candidates and lobbying City Hall. We will bring up to date and more in-line with state legislative practice our lobbyist registration and reporting requirements in a way that’s fair and fits with our board and commission structure.”


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