4-21 pol. law links

DISCOVERING PROBLEM.  Atlantic.  “If the movement isn’t quite a victim of its own success, it now faces some disarray bred by winning so quickly and completely. Having triumphed, conservatives aren’t unified on where to go next.”

NRA DONATIONS ISSUES.  Yahoo.  “The NRA can’t claim to be raising money for the corporation — to finance such things as its lobbying or research initiatives — and then deposit that money into the account of its PAC.”

BEHIND HRC CFR PUSH.   Bloomberg.  “Why has Hillary Clinton taken up campaign-finance reform as a big issue in her presidential campaign?”

DEFENSE ON CHARGES.  Fresno Bee.  “Hillary Rodham Clinton dismissed swirling questions about her family foundation Monday as little more than political attacks from Republicans eager to gain an early advantage in the 2016 presidential contest.”

SINGLE DONOR SUPER PACS.  HP.  “A growing number of political committees known as super PACs have become instruments of single donors, according to a ProPublica analysis of federal records.”

IL:  SUPER PAC HELP.   CT.  “Two former campaign aides to Gov. Bruce Rauner have formed a new political fund to help the governor push his agenda at the Capitol, the latest effort to give the Republican leverage as his plans face resistance from the Democrat-controlled legislature.”

KY:  ETHICS MOVES.  KY.  “John R. Steffen, head of the Kentucky Executive Branch Ethics Commission, is leaving the post in mid-May to become head of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.”

MT:  MOTL HEARING.  IR.  “The committee will hear Senate Resolution 53, by Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso, D-Butte.”

TX:  ETHICS UNIT MOVE.  My SA.  “House lawmakers on Monday approved legislation to create the equivalent of a carve out for statewide politicians and office holders to avoid being prosecuted by the ethics watchdog unit created specifically to investigate political malfeasance.”

VT:  ACCUSATIONS.  WPTZ.  “Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell is rejecting a request that he appoint an independent counsel to investigate allegations that he has violated Vermont’s campaign finance laws.”


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