Mon. political law links

CLINTON CASH QUESTIONS.  WP.  “The questionable transactions involving the foundation and Bill Clinton’s big speaking paychecks offer fresh evidence of how the Clintons skate close to the edge of propriety.”

CLINTON CASH QUESTIONS II.  WP.  “Foreign interests, like their U.S. counterparts, may give to the Clinton Global Initiative out of the goodness of their hearts and their commitment to the foundation’s many important works. They may also give motivated by the perception, whether reality-based or not, that the way to Hillary Clinton’s attention is through her family’s foundation.”

SUPER PAC SIGNS.  Breitbart.  “Shirley & Banister Public Affairs will be handling strategic communications for Walker’s Super PAC, the Unintimidated PAC, and providing historical context that will prove crucial for the campaign.”

LOBBYIST QUESTIONS.  Politico.  “The legislation wasn’t only a priority for Shuster: It was a top issue for Airlines for America, and for Shuster’s girlfriend, Shelley Rubino, the organization’s vice president and a top airline lobbyist.”

IN:  CHANGE DEBATED.  Indystar.  “The change would require lawmakers to separately list on their annual financial disclosure forms any businesses in which they own an equity interest of $500,000 or more.”

MI:  DONOR PRIVACY.  Mlive.  “Anonymous contributions are playing a growing role in U.S. politics, but private donations are not always a bad thing, according to Bradley A. Smith, former chairman of the Federal Election Commission.”

OH:  TRANSPARENCY URGED.  “Across the 10 largest counties in Ohio, only seven post data online: Cuyahoga, Franklin, Summit, Montgomery, Lucas, Butler and Mahoning.”

OR:  ETHICS RIFT.  RG.  “Already on the sidelines due to the strong Democratic majority in the Legislature, Republicans face the spectacle of two of their veteran House members feuding over ethics bills the GOP is pushing hard this session.”

PA:  BAN SUPPORTED.  PT.  “A proposed new law to tighten regulations on reporting the source of campaign contributions for local races is getting support from the two candidates accused of taking the most ‘dark money’ in the current race for mayor in Philadelphia.

WI:  CFR DEBATE.  “Republicans, who hold the majority in the House, blocked Winkler’s bill from being heard in committee and blocked it several times from being added as an amendment to other bills. Friday night was the first time it received substantial debate this session.”


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