pol. law links

SUPER PAC SHOW.  NYT.  “Federal law prohibits coordination between the candidates’ organizations and the super PACs.”

CO:  COMPLAINT ON MOVIE ADS.  CO Ind.  “On Friday, Colorado Ethics Watch filed a complaint with the secretary of state asserting that political documentary-film mill Citizens United last year failed to disclose the identity of funders who paid for ads that mentioned Gov. John Hickenlooper by name.”

IL:  RECORD DONATION.  CT.  “The contribution to the Turnaround Illinois super political action committee is one of the largest single donations in state political history.”

NY:  LLC BILL MOVES.  TU.  “The New York Senate Elections Committee advanced legislation Monday to close the campaign finance loophole for limited liability companies, but the bill’s Democratic sponsor said it’s still unclear whether the chamber’s Republican majority is trying to quietly shelve it.”

WI:  INVESTIGATION QUESTIONS.  WD.  ”The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Patrick Marley confirms he was the mysterious reporter Cindy Archer spotted as armed police swarmed her home during a dramatic September 2011 police raid, one of several in the Milwaukee district attorney’s secret war on conservatives.”

VT:  ELECTION COMMISSION URGED.  VTD.  “A group of senators wants to strip the Vermont attorney general of his authority to enforce the state’s campaign finance laws and cede that power to an independent commission.”


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