pol. law links 4-29

BERG ON HRC CFR.  Thefederalist.com.  “This effort is ironic, given the cottage industry of third-party groups that have taken on important roles within the Clinton machine to help finance her bid for the White House.”

CONTRIBUTION PLANNING.  Reuters.  “If you want a picture with the next president of the United States, get out your checkbook. The sooner you give to a 2016 presidential campaign, the better your chance of premier access to the candidate of your choice.”

RECUSAL ISSUE.  ABC.  “The chairman of the House transportation committee on Tuesday said he never considered recusing himself from the panel’s work on aviation legislation after he began dating a top airline industry lobbyist.”

LOBBYIST SPENDING CONTEXT.  Fortune.  “The entire budget paid out to sway our heads of state is essentially a rounding error when viewed in comparison with the broader world of corporate expenses.”

FL:  EXCEPTION PASSES.  MH.  “The bill (SB 984) by Sen. Oscar Braynon, D-Miami Gardens, clarifies the law that a legislator using a public facility for a public purpose such as a town hall meeting is not a violation of the lobbyist gift ban. A number of legislators also have rent-free office space from cities or counties that lobby the Legislature.”

MT:  MOTL CONFIRMED.  MTPR.  “In the end, Jonathan Motl became the first Commissioner of political practices to be confirmed by the Montana Senate in nearly a decade.”

MT:  GRASSROOTS COMPLAINT.  MTPR.  “Recently a Republican official filed a complaint with the state’s Commissioner of Political Practices, claiming the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes violated the state’s lobbying law.”

TX:  MORE LOBBYIST DETAIL IN BILL.  Chron.com.  “Candidates for elective office across Texas would have to take a publicly disclosed drug test and lobbyists would have to disclose more detail about how they wine-and-dine lawmakers under a ramped-up ethics bill unanimously approved Tuesday by the Texas Senate.”

VT:  SUPPORT FOR INDEPENDENCE.  WCAX.  “Facing pressure from several fronts, Attorney General Bill Sorrell, D-Vermont, says he now supports an independent review of his campaign finances.”


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