5-12 pol. law links

MN:  BOARD APPOINTMENT.  Star Tribune.  “Former Rep. Margaret Leppik, known as Peggy, was appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton to the Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.”

NJ:  PAY TO PLAY ISSUES.  NJ.com.  “The author of New Jersey’s pay-to-play laws says Gov. Chris Christie’s 2016 PAC may have violated them by accepting tens of thousands of dollars at a GOP fundraiser co-sponsored by a company that has a contract with the state Department of Environmental Protection.”

NY:  ETHICS REFORM.  DF.  “Whether it’s three men in a room deciding the fate of the state budget or the recent arrests of prominent and powerful state lawmakers charged with corruption, criticism of New York’s governmental ethics are not difficult to come by.”

WV:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  NS.  “A complaint filed with the West Virginia Ethics Commission against City Councilwoman Kim Coram by Mayor Bob Newell has been dismissed.”


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