Coordination and more in today’s political law links

GROUP TO GET CLOSER.  NYT.  “Correct the Record, a group started by David Brock, a staunch ally of Hillary Rodham Clinton, is recreating itself as a stand-alone ‘super PAC’ that has the ability to coordinate with her campaign.”

REFORM PROPOSAL.   CT.  “The good news for those billionaires is that under my new plan, they still get to be billionaires. (You’re welcome!) They just aren’t allowed to be active in politics and they have to surrender a sizable amount of their fortunes. (Sorry.)”

WERTHEIMER ON PILLAR.  HuffPo.  “The bottom line: to have a realistic chance that enacting campaign finance reform will be a top priority in a Clinton Administration, her commitment to achieving this result must be seriously tested during the presidential campaign.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  MH.  “Ron DeSantis already has several conservative political committee lined up to help elect him to the U.S. Senate, and now he has a Super PAC in his corner. The newly created Service.Honor.Country. Action Fund (SHCAF) can raise unlimited campaign donations and make indepdendent expenditures on behalf of DeSantis.”

CT:  TAX DONATIONS?  “A reader, Elwyn Harp of West Hartford, offers an intriguing idea. What if, he asks, 5 percent of every campaign contribution went to the government?”

MT:  DID RESEARCHERS BREAK LAW?  “Montana’s top political watchdog says Stanford and Dartmouth researchers broke the law by sending mailers to more than 100,000 voters about the Big Sky State’s supreme court election last year.

NY:  LLC UPDATE.  “The New York Assembly has voted to close the campaign finance loophole for limited liability companies.”

TX:  ETHICS COMMITTEE CHANGES.  DMN.  “The Texas Ethics Commission would get more enforcement power in a bill overhauling the entity that passed in the House late Monday night.”


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