6-3 political law links

POLLING AND REFORM.  USAT.  “Americans of both political parties oppose the unlimited money flowing into U.S. elections, and the vast majority support overhauling the way political campaigns are funded, a New York Times/CBS News poll out Tuesday finds.”

REFORM AND THE WORKING CLASS.  MJ.  “Stan Greenberg says that white working-class voters aren’t lost to the Democratic Party.”

HUCKABEE ON THE SYSTEM.  Hill.  “‘Prohibit nothing, disclose everything, and disclose it on the spot and let the voters make up their mind,’ he said Tuesday on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe.'”

WARREN ON WHITE.  RC.  “In the aftermath of a meeting last month between Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Securities and Exchange Commission Chairwoman Mary Jo White, the Massachusetts Democrat is detailing her disappointment with the top securities regulator, including about campaign finance.”

SUPER PAC PUSH.  NYDN.  “Democratic Action 2016, a pro-Clinton superPAC, is throwing twin fundraising events for the Democratic former Secretary of State this week.”

SUPPORT FOR RULEMAKING.  HLS Forum Corp. Governance and Fin. Reg.  “We are pleased to report that a bipartisan group of three distinguished former SEC Commissioners—former Chairman William Donaldson, former Chairman Arthur Levitt, and former Commissioner Bevis Longstreth—last week submitted to the SEC a letter urging the Commission to move forward with the rulemaking we proposed in our petition on corporate political spending.”

MT:  RESURRECTING COMPLAINT.  DIL.  “Montana’s commissioner of political practices, Jonathan Motl, has announced that he is resurrecting a complaint filed against GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Hill in 2012.


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