6-4 political law links

CALL FOR VOTING CHANGES.  WP.  “Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to call for an early voting period of at least 20 days in every state.”

SUPER PAC HAUL.  CNN.  “Three of the top ten conservative donors in the last presidential election are giving to the super PACs supporting Ted Cruz that now claim to have raised more than $37 million to support his bid, a shocking haul and donor list for such a populist Republican candidate amid a crowded 2016 field.”

NJ:  COMPLAINT FILED.  NJ.com.  “New Jersey’s campaign finance watchdog agency has filed a complaint against former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono for allegedly illegally using her state Senate campaign account to aid her gubernatorial campaign.”

OR:  STUDY LIMITS.  GLPDX.  “The Ninth Circuit ruled on May 26 that states can cap political donors’ campaign contributions only if they can show that those limits are preventing corruption or the appearance of corruption. The court’s decision involved Montana’s campaign contribution limits. The Ninth Circuit covers nine western states, including Oregon, Washington, and California.”

WA:  WHAT BILL WOULD DO.  CC.  “If passed, Seattle voters would receive four $25 vouchers apiece to give to the candidate or candidates of their choice.”


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