6-5 political law links

SNAPCHAT 16.  WP.  “Presidential candidates Rand Paul, Martin O’Malley and Marco Rubio are regular users. Hillary Clinton’s campaign hasn’t yet joined in, but House Republicans have their own account.”

CONVENTION RULES FOCUS.  MJ.  “To date, the Democratic National Committee hasn’t had a single donor contribute the maximum amount of $334,000 or even crack six figures. But five major GOP donors have maxed out in donations to the RNC, and more than a dozen others have ponied up at least six figures.”

DOJ AND NEW CLIMATE.  Reuters.  “White House hopefuls raking in record amounts of money in the 2016 U.S. presidential race are already being accused by watchdog groups of breaking campaign fundraising laws.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH.  TT.  “A super PAC supporting Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is wasting no time going on the air in early-voting Iowa, launching the first major ad buy of its kind for the primary season.”

PAC SHUTDOWN.  Politico.  “Dick Morris has shut down his eponymous super PAC aimed at keeping Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency.”

CT:  OVERHAUL REJECTED.  Courant.  “On a party line vote Tuesday, the Democrat-controlled state Senate rejected a proposal that would have limited wealthy donors’ ability to inject money into publicly-funded campaigns.”

MA:  LAW SEMINAR.  Masslive.  “Candidates for municipal office and the public are invited to attend an informational seminar regarding campaign finance reporting on Monday, June 8, at the Springfield Central Library.”


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