Good morning – here are today’s political law links, 5-31-16

SUPER PAC MOVES.   Politico.  “Stuart Jolly, who resigned his post as Donald Trump’s national field director last month, is joining a pro-Trump super PAC.”

SUPER FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  USAT.  “Super PACs, which can raise unlimited sums, have become a staple of U.S. elections. But this year’s races highlight the ways candidates’ close allies have seized on them to navigate around rules that restrict them from donating more than $2,700 to a candidate for the primary or general election.”

MARCO MYSTERY.  “A single, unnamed donor gave $13.5 million to a ‘dark money’ nonprofit supporting Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign — and his or her identify may forever be a secret.”

SUPER PAC TIMING.  CRP.  “Formed in Florida by Sola in December 2014, Evermarine had previously existed in Panama, records show, where Sola, a U.S. citizen, was stationed in the Army.”

REFORM FATIGUE.  MJ.  “As near as I can tell, Bernie—along with most liberals—thinks it’s the key foundational issue of modern progressivism. Until we seriously reduce the amount of money in political campaigns, no real progressive reform is possible.  I’m pretty sure this is completely wrong.”

AZ:  DISCLOSURE CHANGE SCHEDULE.  “Under SB1516, and the newly proposed amendment to HB2296, as long as the group has properly filed its incorporation paperwork with the Arizona Corporation Commission and the IRS, and as long as the IRS has not declared it in violation of tax laws, the group can spend entirely on political campaigns.”

CO:  ETHICS CODE CHANGES.  DP.  “Nearly two years after the Denver Board of Ethics started discussing changes to beef up conduct rules for the city’s elected officials and municipal employees, a city councilman says he plans to start drafting a proposal.”

MN:  SPENDING FINE.  GFH.  “Both investigations into DFL Rep. Joe Atkins of Inver Grove Heights and GOP Rep. Joe Hoppe of Chaska found that they used campaign cash for items and services they should not have.”

RI:  THORNY ETHICS.  WPRO.  “Democratic leaders are dropping hot-button social issues and trying to resolve the controversy surrounding legislative grants as the Rhode Island General Assembly winds down for the year.”

SC:  DISCLOSURE MOVES.  POSTANDCOURIER.COM.  “House members Thursday amended a bill that requires elected officials to report income from private companies so that it also requires nonprofit organizations to reveal the source of their money that is spent on elections.”


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