Good morning, I’ve got today’s political law links for 6-1-16

SEARCH FOR REFORMERS.  “This year’s version, S.J. Res. 5, introduced in January, has languished ever since in the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

SUPER PAC MOVES.  The Hill.  “A tomato tycoon has promised the largest super-PAC donation in Libertarian Party history with his pledge to spend more than $1 million backing nominee Gary Johnson.”

ART AND EXPRESS ADVOCACY. LAist.  “As you (hopefully) know, California’s June primary is just days away—and the good people at Hollywood’s Stone Malone Gallery decided to commemorate the upcoming election with a limited-run political art show.”

FUNDRAISER CANCELLED.  WUSA.  “Jack Burkman planned to hold a fundraiser in support of Trump at his Arlington home on Wednesday. However, Burkman chose not to hold the event Tuesday after he said he received a dismissive letter from Trump ‘s campaign.”

SUPER PAC GUIDE FOR CONSULTANTS.  Inside Political Law.  “Covington recently released a high-level primer that provides political consultants with a practical resource for creating and running a federal Super PAC in a legally compliant manner.”

CA:  COUNTIES OFFLINE.  CALCoastnews.  “Less than half of California’s counties provide the public with online access to campaign finance records.”

IL:  FANTASY SPORTS LOBBYING.  CST.  “‘The email basically alleged that in exchange for considerations, donations, that he could guarantee votes. That’s illegal. We have a former governor in jail right now for doing that, so it is an issue,’ Mayfield said, adding she wasn’t comfortable voting on the bill.

MT:  SPECIAL SESSSION SOUGHT.  BG.  “Ten Republicans filed paperwork on Tuesday seeking a special session on campaign finance limits.”

NM:  HIGH MARKS FOR SITE.  NMID.  “The New Mexico Secretary of State’s campaign finance system ranked in the top three for usability nationally in a recent think tank report.”

NY:  OFFICE RAIDED.  WT.  “The New York attorney general’s office on Thursday raided an office on SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s Albany campus formerly used by Todd Howe, a lobbyist with deep connections to Gov. Andrew Cuomo who also is under scrutiny by federal authorities.”

NYC:  DEBLASIO REFUNDS.  Gawker.  “Prompted by a DNAinfo investigation into possible straw donations, Mayor de Blasio’s 2013 campaign has announced that it will return $32,200 in contributions to seven donors, all connected to a beauty product wholesaler in Queens.”


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