Did you see — today’s political law links

USE OF SEAL.  Hill.  “Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received one perk on Tuesday campaigning with the sitting president: the opportunity to campaign behind the presidential seal.”

DAVID MARTIN, 52.  BG.  “In the world of campaign finance compliance – a phrase that can make a candidate’s palms sweat – Mr. [David] Martin’s expertise was particularly valued when what’s known simply as ‘the report’ had to be filed with state or federal regulatory offices.”

REPORT IN THE NEWS.  SL.  “On June 16, as required by the FEC, Donovan’s campaign filed a pre-primary report covering its campaign finances for the period of April 1 through June 8.”

SIT-IN PROBE. Bloomberg.  “U.S. House Democrats stuck with their demands for votes on gun-related measures as Republicans began maneuvering to investigate potential wrongdoing during last month’s 25-hour sit-in.”

DELEGATE COSTS I.  TG.  “Democrats will be gathering in Philadelphia during the last week of the month, and Republicans are only two weeks away from their convention in Cleveland. Delegates on both sides of the aisle are scrambling to gather between $3,000 and $8,000 per person, with Democrats bearing a larger cost burden this year.”

DELEGATE COSTS II.  NBC.  “They have raised some $570,000 through this week on sites like GoFundMe. That is out of a collective $1.6 million they are asking for, according to a tally by Fund Bernie Delegates, an umbrella site started by a Tennessee woman to promote delegates’ efforts.”

GOOGLE LOBBYING.  Observer.  “What does the company discuss in its many meetings with the White House? Why exactly are so many people bouncing between Google and government jobs? How much power does Google really have? Ultimately, these questions do need answers, and tech powerhouses like Google should embrace transparency in the race to innovate.”

HI:  NEW ED.  MT.  “The civil liberties good guys scored a rare win in the government appointments game last week. The five-member Hawaii State Ethics has selected Daniel M. Gluck, the legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) Hawaii office, to be its new executive director, the commission announced on July 1.”

MI:  SCAM ALERT.  WSAU.  “The West Michigan Better Business Bureau says it’s noticing an increase in over-the-phone political donation scams.”

MT:  NO SPECIAL SESSION.  MPR. “Montana lawmakers have rejected a call for a special legislative session by a group of Republicans who want to raise campaign contribution limits.”

NY:  NONPROFIT SCRUTINY.  NYP.  “The city’s Campaign Finance Board is expected Wednesday to take up the question of whether nonprofits aligned with Mayor de Blasio have circumvented campaign fund-raising and spending rules.”

SC:  HANDLING COMPLAINTS.  WLTX.  “When this law goes into effect in April 2017, the Senate, House and governor will appoint a total of 8 members to the new state ethics commission.”

TX:  PAXTON LEGAL DEFENSE.  TT.  “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, facing federal and state securities fraud charges, is getting more than a little help from his friends to foot his growing legal bill.”


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