Trump number reactions and other political law links

TRUMP FUNDRAISING NUMBERS.  WP.  “Donald Trump raised more than $26 million through online and mail solicitations in June and another $25 million at events with the Republican National Committee, his campaign announced Wednesday, a hefty haul that his allies hope will put to rest anxieties in the party about his fundraising prowess.”


PAUSING EXPERTS.  CNBC.  “A series of filing anomalies point to a Donald Trump camp that is either unaware of campaign finance law, or is actively funneling donors’ cash to insiders, according to several experts interviewed by CNBC.”

SUPER PAC ATTACK.  WP.  “A powerhouse legal team representing a bipartisan group of congressional members and candidates is unleashing a new effort to overturn the case that birthed super PACs, part of a novel strategy to rein in the big money that has poured into campaigns since 2010.”

SUPER PAC DRAWS COMPLAINT.  WFB.  “A pro-Clinton Super PAC was hit with a Federal Election Commission complaint on Wednesday for accepting $200,000 in contributions from a government-contracting firm, a potential violation of campaign finance laws.”

ROBOCALLS IN THE NEWS.  WP.  “Government employees, and any contractors working on their behalf, are now officially exempt from regulations on robo-calls designed to protect consumers from annoying phone spam under a new, federal clarification on who is and isn’t allowed to place auto-dialed phone calls and text messages.”

OCE AND PAYMENTS.  CT.  “The House Ethics Committee is investigating Rep. Mark Meadows as a result of complaints that he violated House rules by giving severance pay to a former staffer.”

AZ:  HACK ATTACK.  AFN.  “A computer problem — possibly a hack — has resulted in more than a dozen candidates for statewide and legislative office facing an unexpected hurdle in their bid to get public financing.

MN:  GOLDSMITH STEPS DOWN.  MNS.  “Campaign Finance Board Executive Director Gary Goldsmith is stepping down from his post this summer, a position he’s held for nearly nine years.”

NY:  DEBLASIO UPDATE.  NYT.  “The New York City Campaign Finance Board on Wednesday issued a blunt critique of a nonprofit closely linked to Mayor Bill de Blasio that has used unlimited donations to advance his political agenda, denouncing the group’s behavior while clearing it and the mayor of any campaign finance violations.”

RI:  REFORM LAW SIGNED.  PRI.  “The 2016 Lobby Reform Act is designed, Gorbea’s office said, to define who must register to lobby lawmakers, provide a clear process to investigate possible lobbying violations, and clarify penalties for violations. The law goes into effect January 1, 2017.”

EU:  LOBBYING IMPACT.  TTV.  “The European Union’s Transparency Registry, which monitors the lobbying activities of think tanks, NGO’s, trade unions and corporations, lacks credibility due to widespread under-reporting on lobbying expenditures by powerful interest groups.”


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