Lyft, Uber, but no Pokemon Go in today’s political law links

$1 BILLION MARK.  MGE.  “According to federal filings, the presidential race has now blown past the $1 billion mark, with the Hillary Clinton money machine leading the way.”

BERN-ING MONEY.  ED.  “There are a few things that will happen with the remaining money Sanders has from his campaign.”

SANDERS AND THE RULES.  N.  “His historic run for the White House is over, but Bernie Sanders rewrote the rules for money in politics.”

REPORT TANGLE.  NOLA.  “Four candidates — Kennedy, Republican U.S. Rep. John Fleming and Democrats Caroline Fayard and Josh Pellerin — received notices Monday from the FEC that they had failed to file their pre-primary reports.”

SUPER PAC QUESTIONS.  WFB.  “A Democratic super PAC founded by a former U.S. senator has pulled in millions of dollars in recent years but has not made any contributions to Democratic candidates or committees since 2008, a review of campaign finance records shows.”

SENATE SPENDING.  HP.  “Super PACs and nonprofit groups have already spent at least $101 million in most of the states hosting contested Senate races that will determine which party controls the chamber in 2017. In almost every state where control of the Senate is at stake, groups aligned with Republicans dominate. In all, Republican groups have spent $70 million of the $101 million total.”

UBER INFLUENCE.   Hill.  “Uber stopped its service for a single minute over the weekend to ‘reflect on gun violence.'”  Uber’s significant regulatory challenges are the topic of this 2014 report.

CA:  LYFT LATE.  LAT.  “The ride-hailing firm Lyft Inc., which has enjoyed a string of legislative victories at the Capitol, has agreed to pay $6,000 in fines for repeatedly being late in disclosing its use of lobbyists to influence California state officials.”

NJ:  JAIL FOR EXECUTIVE.  P.  “A third executive in what was one of the largest engineering firms in New Jersey has been sentenced to jail for his role in a million-dollar scheme to avoid New Jersey’s pay-to-play political contribution laws, the state attorney general’s office announced.”

VT:  FINE OWED.  VTD.  “A nonprofit corporation and its affiliated political action committee will pay $3,000 to the state to settle a case saying the two entities violated campaign finance laws in 2012 and 2014.”

ISR:  FUNDS WIND UP IN FOREIGN CAMPAIGN.  WT.  “The State Department paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayers grants to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary elections, a congressional investigation concluded Tuesday.”


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