Yes, political law links for Wed., 8-10

SCHEDULE FIGHT.  Politico.  “Republicans have opened a new front in the sprawling legal war over the release of State Department emails: a battle to open up thousands of pages of schedules for former President Bill Clinton.”

SUPER PAC SUPPORT.  DS. “Indio businessman Nachhattar Chandi has put more than $500,000 into a super PAC that’s looking to raise twice that amount and produce ads in favor of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and other federal candidates in key states.”

AL:  ALLEGATION OF DONATIONS.  ED.  “Funds donated by the University of Alabama to a nonprofit Alabama Association for Higher Education have directed more than $1.4 million of those funds to political candidates and political action committees in the state since 2014.”

CA:  BLACK HOLE.  SFE.  “The local Democratic Party board is essentially a giant black hole into which millions of dollars swirl.”

CT:  INTEREST IN MALLOY.  CP.  “The federal investigation into Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election campaign began even before Election Day 2014, emails between the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the State Elections Enforcement Commission show.”

FL:  IN 18.  MH.  “Barring a court challenge, the package of new campaign-cash restrictions will likely get pushed to the next countywide election — which, at the moment, is in August 2018.”

MO:  LIMIT SUPPORT.  KC.  “Breaking from years of opposition to the idea, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Chris Koster formally came out in support of an initiative petition that would reinstate campaign contribution limits in Missouri.”


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