Mommy, what’s a super PAC? (and political law links)

SUPER PAC 101.  ET.  “Ever since the Citizens United ruling, super PACs have enjoyed the unique position of taking unfettered donations from millionaires in an effort to influence the eventual outcome of both state and national-level races.”

COMPANY CONTRIBUTIONS.  Int.  “The Intercept has determined that a corporation owned by a Chinese couple made a major donation to Jeb Bush’s Super PAC Right to Rise USA — and it did so after receiving detailed advice from Charlie Spies, arguably the most important Republican campaign finance lawyer in American politics.”

PAY TO PLAY ALERT.  Dechert.  “The selection of Governor Pence might have implications under the SEC’s ‘pay-to-play’ rule.”

LETTER:  STOP THAT.  P.  “The campaign of Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo sent a cease-and-desist letter Monday to a new political action committee that is fueling social media sites and raising money off of a false ‘unity’ campaigns that implies several Republicans are in line with Donald Trump’s campaign.”

NRA LAUNCH.  RJ.  “The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund launched a $3 million ad campaign in Nevada against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.”

BLAGO UPDATE.  CST.  “Moments after learning his bid to reduce his 14-year sentence had failed, Rod Blagojevich stood alone in a stark prison room in Colorado on Tuesday while his family sobbed in a Chicago courtroom a thousand miles away.”

DO INCENTIVE PROGRAMS WORK?  EA.  “Field studies designed to assess the impact of promoting political contribution incentives, such as public matching funds and tax credits, showed that nonpartisan publicity did not affect the likelihood that individuals would make a contribution or the amount they would donate.”

DC:  SPENDING NUMBERS.  WAMU.  “An out-of-state super PAC supported by organized labor pumped thousands of dollars into this spring’s Democratic primary for the D.C. Council’s Ward 8 seat, in the Southeast section of the city.”

KY:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  CJ.  “Wilhoit said the most important factors in the decision were that two nonprofit corporations mentioned in the complaint do not lobby the General Assembly and are not state agencies overseen by the General Assembly. Moreover, Wilhoit said the investigation showed that the foundation gave free access to the tent to other elected officials who asked for it.”

MO(RE) COMPLAINTS.  STL.  “he complaint against Koster, who currently is the attorney general, focuses on $1 million in contributions by the ‘Jobs and Opportunity’ PAC. It alleges the group, which is linked to the Democratic Governors Association, failed to properly file a report with the Missouri Ethics Commission and, as an out-of-state committee, illegally gave Koster money within 30 days of the Aug. 2 primary.”

VA:  NEXT FOR MCDONNELL.  RF.  “Governor McDonnell continues to make the best of his time by surrounding himself with his family and friends, as well as operating a small business, as a consultant for local businesses.”

VA:  VOTING FELON UPDATE.  WP.  “Virginia election officials said Wednesday that they will reveal the names of nearly 13,000 felons who over the past few months have regained and then lost their right to vote, part of a still-raging drama fed by presidential politics.”


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