Coast to coast political law links of interest for Wed., 8-31-16

CLINTON AND MCDONNELL: DISCUSS.  WP.   “Justice Department officials are actively considering whether to retry former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell on federal corruption charges. That doesn’t sit well with some conservatives who view his dealings with Richmond businessman Jonnie R. Williams Sr. as not entirely dissimilar from Hillary Clinton’s interactions with donors to her family’s foundation while she was Secretary of State.”

SUPER PAC PULL BACK.  Politico.  “A major super PAC supporting Senate Democrats is canceling advertisements set to run in early September in Ohio, a sign of increasing concern in Washington that former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland could be squandering his chance to unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Rob Portman.”

NEW SUPER PAC.  NM.  “The campaign group known as Trumpocrats PAC is made up of Democrats who distrust and oppose Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and who have switched their support to the GOP standard bearer.”

AZ:  SPENDING SO FAR.  EAC.  “As Arizonans voted in Tuesday’s primary election, political spending to affect legislative races paid for by outside groups that don’t disclose the source of the money amounted to almost half a million dollars.”

CA:  PAC LIMIT ALLEGATION.  LAT. “n the Aug. 10 letter, County Registrar Dean Logan wrote that Hahn had exceeded the county’s cap on the total amount a campaign committee may accept from political action committees, which is $150,000 per election. From Jan. 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, Hahn’s campaign received $439,619 from political action committees, the registrar said.”

CA:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE IN ESPANOL.  IND.  “The ability to discover that information raises the transparency level of political influence, and California just added a Spanish-language version of its campaign finance website, Power Search.”

CA:  AB 700 UPDATE.  LHL.  “California senators are rejecting a campaign finance disclosure bill after Republicans and the state’s political watchdog said it would weaken rather than strengthen transparency laws.”

NJ:  CFR PRIORITY.  NJ.  “The Assembly Republican leader, Jon Bramnick, outlined his fall legislative agenda on Tuesday, including bills on campaign finance reform, school funding and resolving the impasse over replenishing the state’s Transportation Trust Fund.”

OR:  FOREIGN DONATIONS ALLEGED.  WW.  “From 2010 through 2012, Oregon campaigns and politicians—including Ted Wheeler, Charlie Hales, Tobias Read and John Kitzhaber—accepted nearly $25,000 in donations from APIC, which was incorporated in Portland.”

CAN:  LIBERALS V. PROGRESSIVES.  GM.  “Among other proposed measures, the Liberals voted down a prohibition on cabinet ministers seeking donations from employees of companies with government contracts, tighter restrictions on taxpayer-funded government advertising and requirements for more transparency from lobbyists.”


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