New York ethics slam and more (plus Harambe) in today’s political law links

OPENSECRETS ON FEC.  OS.  “Federal law states that foreign nationals cannot donate or spend money in U.S. elections. Period.”  This topic lends itself to a lot of hyperbole, and I’m afraid this article and some unfortunate tweets I read yesterday proves that.

FOUNDATION INVESTIGATIONS.  F.  “But what legal problems does the Trump Foundation really pose for the Republican candidate?”

CROWFUNDING AND LOBBYING.  Hill. “A new lobbying nonprofit is riding the populist wave of the 2016 election cycle, aiming to crowdfund lobbying campaigns in order to give people a voice on K Street.”

WALLETS OUT FOR HARAMBE.  IJR.  “The Justice For Harambe PAC currently has $20, according to Hall.”

FL:  REVIEW SOUGHT.  MH.  “Former state Rep. David Rivera isn’t giving up yet on his attempts to vindicate himself on charges that he broke Florida ethics rules while in office six years ago.”

FL:  PUSH FOR FEDERAL LOOK.  MYAJC.  “New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, announced Tuesday that his office was looking into Donald Trump’s nonprofit foundation, which is facing intense criticism in light of a political donation it made in support of the Florida attorney general.”

FL:  NAME OF ANOTHER ALLEGATION.  TB.  “Because of the reimbursement from Trump’s personal wealth, they say, he has essentially donated to Bondi under the name of his foundation, which has separate accounts.”

MT:  COMPLAINT DISMISSED.  BDC.  “Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Jon Motl published his decision Thursday dismissing a campaign practices complaint against Americans for Prosperity.”  The opinion is here.

NY:  ETHICS SLAM.  NYP.  “Saying New York could be a ‘market leader’ for corruption, Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara on Thursday slammed the state Legislature and Gov. Cuomo for not moving more aggressively on ethics reform.”

TN:  HEARING SET.  T.  “Adam Wagner, who lives just outside the city limits on New Shackle Island Road, filed a complaint on Aug. 18 with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance against candidate Tommy Elsten. Wagner alleges Elsten has violated campaign finance laws by not disclosing how he is paying for his West Main Street campaign headquarters. Wagner also says that Elsten didn’t disclose sponsorship he received at a fundraising event.”


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