Political law links for * Election Day 2016 *

SOFT MONEY HEADED TO SUPREMES.  WP.  “The panel in Washington ruled in a 2015 lawsuit by the Republican Party of Louisiana and two parish GOP affiliates that sought to overturn the last major remaining provision of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, more commonly known as McCain-Feingold after its chief Senate sponsors.”

TAKING AIM AT SUPER PACS.  CN.  “Already looking past Election Day, a bipartisan group of lawmakers and congressional candidates have brought a federal complaint against the Federal Elections Commission to rein in super-PAC spending.”

SUPER PAC QUESTIONS.  DMN.  “To some campaign finance experts, the arrangement raises questions about whether Beal’s super PAC — called Save America From Its Government — is violating regulations that prohibit coordination between the campaign and outside groups.”

SELF-UNFUNDED. WSJ.  “Over the course of the 2016 campaign, Republican presidential nominee and celebrity billionaire Donald Trump has boasted about the extent to which he has funded his campaign. We evaluated those statements to determine which pledges he fulfilled, and which he didn’t.”

D SUPER PACS ON SNAPCHAT.  AW.  “Today, pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Priorities USA Action purchased the mobile app’s first political-themed lens, the colorful filters that decorate selfies, ahead of the election on Tuesday.”

SUPER PACS NOT SECURE.  DR.  “New research found gaping security holes in several SuperPAC public websites – from weak or nonexistent encryption and open ports to old and outdated server platforms.”

SUPER PAC AD FAULTED.  TF.  ” I appreciate the defense of the Washington R-words—not a PC guy here—but this ad couldn’t be bothered to even cast some normal football guys.”

AMISH SUPER PAC.  FN.  “A pro-Trump poliitical action committee has been trying to mobilize the reclusive group for the election, and in a battleground state like Pennsylvania, they could form a legitimate voting bloc. Amish PAC is hoping some of the state’s 69,000 adherents will cast ballots – if they can get to the polls.”

K STREET MOVES.  WP.  “Every election season, lobbyists spend weeks analyzing the possible outcomes of House and Senate elections, zeroing in on the handful of lawmakers who are expected to make moves on key congressional committees — either leading them or leaving one to lead another — which helps set the tone for lobbying strategy in the new Congress. Stacks of analyses are written up; decision trees are sketched out; clients are talked off the ledge.”

CA:  PUBLIC FINANCING ON BALLOT.  DK.  “Another voting-related measure in Berkeley would establish a public campaign financing system that provides candidates with $6 for every $1 a donor gives up to $50 in an bid to help level the playing field and support grassroots campaigns. This effort is similar to the “democracy vouchers” a few states are considering adopting this year, and success could serve as a model for other states and municipalities.”

FL:  NEW RULES PLANNED.  J.com. “Lobbyists would be required to file paperwork before speaking with a member of the Florida House or a staff member about issues that may come up for a vote, according to a proposal from incoming House Speaker Richard Corcoran.”

OK:  CALL FOR RESIGNATION.  CH9.  “The Oklahoma Democratic Party said state Superintendent Joy Hofmeister has lost the ability to lead and should resign.  This statement was made after Hofmeister was charged with campaign violations last week.”


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