SEC disclosure rule’s future and more political law links

ROLL BACK FOR CAMPAIGN FINANCE.  RC. “The Republican’s victory in the presidential contest has given new hope to opponents of current donation limits and other restrictions, while it has jolted fear into those who want to overhaul political money laws to put ordinary Americans on more equal footing with megadonors.”

WARREN SEEN.  WFB.  “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) was spotted entering a Monday meeting held by a group of liberal super-donors to discuss their plan to fight back following the crushing defeat they were dealt in last week’s election.”

SEC AND DISCLOSURE.  Hill.  “By leaving the politics to Congress and the FEC, the SEC can keep its focus on its core mission of protecting investors and maintaining fair markets.”

SUPER PAC STIRS.  Politico.  “A Democratic super PAC is filing public records requests with government agencies for documents involving President-elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and transition team, according to copies of the requests provided exclusively to POLITICO on Monday.”

PLOTTING FIGHT.  DC.  “The president of a secretive, left-wing dark money group told a Monday night, closed-door gathering of democratic operatives and ultra-rich liberals in D.C. the first step to dealing with a Trump presidency was ‘resistance.'”

CA:  FINE FOR MAILER.  MVV.  “The political group that formed earlier this year to support Vicki Veenker’s bid for the state Assembly is facing a $2,500 fine for failing to include a proper disclaimer on one of its campaign advertisements.”

KY:  $5,000 FINE.  KY.  “A former high-ranking Kentucky official who will soon begin serving prison time for bribery must also pay a $5,000 fine after settling 45 counts of ethics violations with the Executive Branch Ethics Commission.”

MO:  NEW RULES IMPACT.  BJ.  “Voters easily passed a constitutional amendment that limits donations at $2,600 for candidates and $25,000 for parties per election. It also will impose rules meant to increase transparency in political donations.”


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