Good morning, here are Wednesday’s political law links

FEC DEPARTURE.   NRO.  “The 2016 election was, for anyone who had eyes to see it, the most dramatic repudiation possible of the false notion that big donors determine the fate of our candidates or our politics.”

SMALL DONOR SMASH.  WT.  “As a candidate, President Trump raised more money from small-dollar donors than former President Obama did in either of his two campaigns, according to a study released Tuesday that shows just how groundbreaking the Trump operation was.”

NEXT FOR THE FEC.  NLR.  “The statute requires four votes for all significant agency actions, and with three Republican and two Democratic commissioners remaining, all decisions will still require a bi-partisan consensus.”

VIOLATION ALLEGED.  CNN.  “Cause of Action’s letter said Weintraub, a Democratic member of the six-member commission, may be in violation of government ethics rules for making the statement as an FEC official and called on the agency’s watchdog to look into the matter. The FEC is tasked with regulating campaign finance, and Cause of Action’s letter said Weintraub could have stepped outside of her authority by commenting about voter fraud.”

COMMISSIONER ALLEGATION.  Hill.  “The FEC commissioner who asked President Trump to produce proof of his voter fraud claims on Tuesday said she will not be silenced by a watchdog’s attempt to investigate her for the request.”

BANK BOARD HIRING.  CO.  “The San Francisco-based bank’s independent directors have hired Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, one of Washington’s top lobbying shops whose client roster has included giants like Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s and FedEx.”

CO:  NEW ETHICS RULES.  DP.  “After months of haggling over details, Denver City Council members on Tuesday advanced an ethics proposal that would put a firm $300 annual limit on meals and event tickets from a single donor with a city interest.”

IA:  LOBBYIST STATUS QUESTIONED.  WT.  “A union official has filed a formal complaint challenging whether a lobbyist for a national conservative organization was registered properly for the first half of the legislative session.”

TX:  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.  TT.  “State Rep. Ron Reynolds marks an unusual anniversary Wednesday: one full year without filing a single campaign finance report.”

WA:  LET’S TRY VOUCHERS.  MP.  “In January, residents received four $25 vouchers, paid for with taxpayer funds, that they can give to their candidates of choice for offices such as city council.”


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