Political Law Links for Thursday, 2-23-17 are here

KS:  HIGHER LIMITS KILLED.  HPPR.  “House Bill 2011 would have doubled the amount that individuals, political parties and political action committees could donate to candidates in races for everything from the House and Senate to the governor. But the House voted it down 22-101.”

OK:  STATE SENATOR INVESTIGATION.  KFOR.  “The commission alleges Loveless filed campaign finance reports late, inaccurately, or not at all.”

OR:  LOBBYING DISCLOSURE.  WW.  “The city requires organizations to register as lobbyists within three days of spending at least eight hours lobbying or preparing to lobby city officials, even if the groups spend no money.”

VT:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE FORUM.  USN.  “A new joint committee formed to analyze the current state of Vermont’s campaign finance law is holding its first public forum.”

WI:  LIMITS IN WI.  NLR.  “All state and local candidates in Wisconsin must abide by source restrictions and contribution limits, in addition to registration, reporting and other regulatory requirements. Corporations, cooperatives, labor organizations, federally-recognized Indian tribes and independent expenditure committees may not contribute to candidates.”

WI:  SUPER PAC REPORTING.  WHBL.  “In fact, Super PACs are required to disclose their donors.”

AUSTRALIA:  REAL TIME DISCLOSURE.  BT.  “Real-time political donations for state government candidates and political parties will be online next month – but there is a catch.”


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