Deep FEC, drainage, and more political law links from the internet

“DEEP FEC” ATTACKS.  NRO.  “If career staffers at the FEC are now attempting to sabotage the work of the commissioners — who are, by law, entrusted with running the agency — that’s frightening.”

MOSTLY DRAINED.  MSMHL.  “But it leads to the conclusion that President Trump’s and his party’s policy toward the FEC will be more of the same: expect nothing from it, want nothing from it, do nothing with it. As they see things, the FEC is the swamp–but it is for the most part already drained.”

PAY TO PLAY UPDATE.  Venable.  “Government contractors should have a pay-to-play compliance plan that takes into account the jurisdictions where covered owners, officers, and employees are located, and where the company does or seeks to obtain business with government agencies.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH.  BFN.  “This ad buy is the PAC’s second and largest of the Trump presidency, reaching voters in nine states, including Alaska and Maine, where Republican U.S. senators such as Maine’s Susan Collins could be decisive in defeating the bill.”

FEC:  WHAT’S NEXT?  Covington.  “The departure of Commissioner Ravel presents the President and the leaders of both political parties with some interesting choices.”

AL:  INVESTIGATION OPEN.  CW.  “The new attorney general of Alabama, Steve Marshall, has opened up a special investigation into the Governor. He officially recused himself and appointed Ellen Brooks as special investigator.”

CO:  CASE SETTLED.  CSI.  “The El Paso County Republican Party has come to an agreement with Campaign Integrity Watchdog to settle a case involving five campaign finance violations.”

NJ:  READY TO FILE?  Genova Burns.  “The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (“ELEC”) requires each business entity that received payments of $50,000 or more (in the aggregate) as a result of government contracts during the 2016 calendar year to electronically file a Business Entity Annual Statement…”

PA:  DEBATE IN MAYORAL RACE.  TL.  “A Pittsburgh mayoral candidate is questioning the legality of campaign finance rules the city adopted in 2015, and the city is behind schedule in complying with a key aspect of the rules.


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