Blizzard of political law links for 3/13/17

HEITKAMP AND TESTER.   WFP.  “The SUN (Sunlight for Unaccountable Nonprofits) Act would allow the public to know when donors spend more than $5,000 on tax-exempt groups that engage in electioneering and would have no impact on nonprofits that don’t engage in election activities.”

EXEMPTION ON AGENDA.  BNA.  “A unique, decades-old exemption from campaign finance disclosure rules enjoyed by the Socialist Workers Party would end if the Federal Election Commission approves a draft advisory opinion set to be considered March 9.”  Consideration was held until a later date.

FOREIGN AGENTS REGISTRATION.  Fortune. “In the filings with the Justice Department’s Foreign Agent Registration Unit, Flynn and his firm, Flynn Intel Group Inc., acknowledged that his work for Alptekin’s company ‘could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.'”

FL:  SIX YEAR BAN.  FSU.  “The Florida House has passed a six year lobbying ban on former lawmakers. Under current state law, legislators and elected officials can’t lobby their former colleagues for two years. The new plan would extend the waiting period, and block officials from lobbying any state agency.”

FL:  SIGN MONEY SCRUTINY.  PBP.  “For a campaign to spend so much on signs baffles competing candidates, sign business owners and campaign consultants.”

LA:  TROOPER SUBPOENA.  WLTV.  “Sources close to the investigation say more than a dozen current and former members of the Louisiana State Troopers Association received subpoenas Wednesday to appear before a federal grand jury in a year-long probe of campaign contributions made to several candidates in 2015 by the association and its executive director.”

MO:  A NEW MO.  KCUR.  “A New Missouri Inc., a recently founded nonprofit with ties to Republican Gov. Eric Greitens, has Sen. John Rizzo, D-Kansas City, worried about financial transparency and wondering how Democrats can keep up.”

NM:  GIFT OF GOLF.   SCSN.  “Lawmakers can look forward to some golfing once the legislative session ends, thanks to $28,000 in gifts from the New Mexico Golf Tourism Alliance.”

OR:  ANTI-LOBBYING RULE OBSTACLE.   WW.  “But for a governor who has made restoring ethics to state government a centerpiece of her administration, Buckley’s hire presents a potential problem: State law may bar him from talking to legislators about the governor’s budget this year.”

WA:  UNION BENEFIT.  KIRO7.  “Several Republicans implied last week that millions of dollars from state-employee unions benefited Inslee’s campaign in 2016, during the same period when the Democratic governor’s budget office was hammering out new labor contracts with those unions.”


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