Today’s political law links

PLEDGE STATUS.   WE.  “At least three former Trump administration officials have reportedly said they never signed the president’s ethics pledge.”

LEGO BATMAN UPDATE.  RC.  “Mnuchin’s comments last week urging people to send their children to ‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ prompted Sen. Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Finance Committee, to inquire this week on the Treasury secretary’s progress of divesting his financial assets.”

IL:  RAHM MUM.  CT.  “Mayor Rahm Emanuel had little to say Wednesday about the dozens of potential lobbying violations found in his personal emails, declining to offer an explanation for why some individuals who contacted him on his nongovernment email seeking favorable action from City Hall did not register as lobbyists.”

MO:  NEW RULES.  NL.  “The contribution, from one candidate committee to another, is prohibited under new rules that took effect in December.”

MS:  REFORM VICTORY.   NS.  “Still, the campaign-finance reform bill that Mississippi lawmakers have sent to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature will be a marked improvement over the corrupting arrangement under which the state has been operating.”

NY:  DISMISSAL SOUGHT.   CH7. “State Sen. Rob Ortt, a North Tonawanda Republican who was indicted last week on campaign finance charges, has filed court papers asking a judge to dismiss the case.”

TX:  LOBBYIST BAN CONTROVERSY.   Chron.  “There are two groups of people who can’t run for public office in Texas – felons and the mentally incapacitated. Some legislators want to add a third category – lobbyists.”

TX:  COMMISSIONER FINED.   DRN.  “The Texas Ethics Commission fined a Val Verde County Commissioner for failure to file his financial reports in 2015 and 2016.”


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