Gorsuch and the haterz and more political law links

OBSERVING LOBBYING.  GAO.  “For the 2016 reporting period, most lobbyists provided documentation for key elements of their disclosure reports to demonstrate compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995, as amended (LDA). For lobbying disclosure (LD-2) reports filed during the third and fourth quarters of 2015 and the first and second quarters of 2016, GAO estimates that

  • 90 percent of lobbyists filed required reports for the quarter in which they first registered; the figure below describes the filing process and enforcement;
  • 83 percent (down from 92 percent in 2015) could provide documentation for income and expenses; and
  • 94 percent filed year-end 2015 LD-203 reports as required.”

GORSUCH AND THE HATERS.  Hill/Warrington.  “This fundamental lack of understanding and respect for the Constitution by some of members of the Judiciary Committee was on full display as Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island) relentlessly pressed Judge Gorsuch on the issues of political speech and campaign finance disclosure.”

LAWMAKERS AND RULES.  WE.  “The Justice Department investigation into allegations that Rep. Duncan Hunter dipped into his campaign coffers to cover personal expenses is the latest example of lawmakers getting tripped up over rules about how they can and can’t spend the money they raise.”

FL:  COMPLAINT REVIEWED.  OS.  “The Florida Commission on Ethics will hold a hearing later this month to review an ethics complaint against Attorney General Pam Bondi over her solicitation of a $25,000 campaign donation from President Donald Trump in 2013. Bondi’s office later decided not to investigate Trump University, a real estate investment seminar that many attendees say defrauded them.”

ME:  LYING AND LOBBYISTS.  PH.  “A legislative committee voted Monday in favor of a bill to make it a crime for lobbyists to lie to the Legislature after narrowing a bill to exclude the public – and themselves.”

PA:  PITTSBURGH QUESTIONS.    TL.  “Pittsburgh mayoral candidate Darlene Harris did not file a campaign finance report Monday with the city’s Ethics Hearing Board as required under a 2015 ordinance.”

TX:  COMMISSIONER FINED.  DN.  “Dallas County Commissioner Theresa Daniel was fined $1,500 by the Texas Ethics Commission for violations in her campaign finance statements, records show.”

VT:  LAW SURVIVES.   USN.  “Dean Corren, an unsuccessful candidate for lieutenant governor, sued the state in Vermont’s federal district court for violating his First Amendment rights, alleging that a restriction on fundraising for publicly-financed candidates is unconstitutional. The court issued its decision Tuesday.”

WA:  EYMAN SUED.  KREM.  “Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced Friday that his office will file a $2 million dollar civil campaign finance enforcement lawsuit against longtime anti-tax activist Tim Eyman.”


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