Political Law Links for May 17, 2017

GOOD MORNING.   Here are today’s Political Law Links, nonpartisan items of political law interest from online news and opinion sites.  Have a link I missed?  DM me @ericsbrown on Twitter.  Want to subscribe and don’t already?  Sign-up using Google’s Feedburner service here and you’ll receive a confirmation.  Your email address won’t be sold, rented, or used for any other purpose.

ELECTION LAW NEWS.   Wiley.   The May 2017 edition of Election Law News is available.

CEOS AND ETHICS.   WP.  “If it seems like more CEOs are getting cast aside amid ethical blunders or corporate scandals, they are.”

HIDDEN DONORS.   DC.  “Hillary Clinton, whose failed presidential campaign was hampered by pay-for-play allegations, launched a ‘dark money’ political organization on Monday that is exactly the kind of operation she promised to oppose as president.”

NO FEDERAL FUNDS FOR LOBBYING.   CP.  “What’s Upstream deliberately avoided advocating for specific legislation while lobbying for mandatory 100-foot buffers between farms and water in Washington, in keeping with legal counsel from the Environmental Protection Agency, according to newly available EPA records.”

OCE AND COLLINS.   Politico.  “Rep. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) is under scrutiny by ethics investigators for his role in soliciting investors for an Australian biotech company, according to a news report.”

NC:  SENTENCE IN MISUSE CASE.   CO.  “A former North Carolina lawmaker accused of misusing more than $200,000 in campaign funds on vacations, speeding tickets, haircuts and other items was sentenced Tuesday to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to three charges in the case.”

WA:  STATUS OF LEGAL FUND.  KUOW.  “Seattle’s Ethics and Elections Commission has ruled that a proposed legal-defense fund for Mayor Ed Murray would not comply with the city’s ethics code.”

UK:  FUNDS ISSUES.   GUA.  “Political donations there remain hidden from view. Funders wishing to disguise their identities can use Northern Ireland as a back channel into UK politics.”


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