8.10 political law links

PRISON AND FINE IN REIMBURSEMENT CASE.   PH.   “Former local developer Michael Liberty was sentenced to four months in prison and fined $100,000 Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Portland for federal campaign finance violations.”

REPORT OF SEIZURES.  LAT.  “FBI agents searched the office of Rep. Duncan Hunter’s campaign treasurer in February, seizing computer equipment and documents for their investigation into whether the Alpine Republican misused campaign funds.”

DC:  REFUNDS MADE.   WP.  “The attorney general for Washington, D.C. has repaid $3,500 to donors after accepting illegal campaign contributions.”

IL:  LOBBYIST WARNING.   CT.  ‘Chicago’s ethics law defines a lobbyist as someone who “undertakes to influence any legislative or administrative action’ by city officials, employees and the City Council or its committees. A person does not have to be paid by a company or a party to be considered a lobbyist; they just have to try to influence city officials on behalf of another individual or entity.”

NY:  CAMPAIGN FINANCE CRASH COURSE.   TU.  “When it comes to the maximum someone can donate to a mayoral candidate in Albany, it’s not cut and dry.”

TX:  BOARD MEMBER FINED.    CHRON.  “The Texas Ethics Commission has fined a former member of a regional transportation agency for failing to disclose business ownership stakes and executive posts on his annual ethics statement.”

WI:  TOWN SUPPORTS REFORM.   GBP.   “The town of Gibraltar is the latest municipality to join other Door County communities supporting a statewide referendum on campaign finance reform.”

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