8.15 political law links

FEC DIGEST.   FEC.  “The Commission made public three closed cases.”  Information on those cases and more at the link.

ELIAS ON THE WEB.   LAW.   “Election law just isn’t what it used to be. With more money and more people involved in campaigns at every level, lawyers working in the relatively small field are seeing an uptick in business opportunities and job demands. The National Law Journal sat down with Perkins Coie partner Marc Elias, who served as general counsel of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, to talk about the phenomenon.”

SUPER PAC ADS.  Hill.  “The $100,000 ad campaign will appear on cable throughout the state and also includes a digital and statewide radio effort.”

BILLBOARD ADS.   CST.  “The super Pac was officially spawned last August by a Chicago company, ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ headquartered at 1917 N. Elston.”

REMEMBER GRANNY D?   SS.  “It was 18 years ago that Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock, at 89, first set off on her year-long cross-country march to Washington for campaign finance reform — and seven years ago that the political activist passed away, at 100.”

AK:  SLEEPER SUIT.   SLA.  “Although the decision on Thompson v. Hebdon would only directly affect Alaska’s state-level elections, the legal rationale behind these limits, if upheld in court, could be of consequence for elections in other states, including congressional races.”

AZ:  LAWSUITS FLY.   DC.  “Prescott Mayoral candidate Mary Beth Hrin has followed up last week’s campaign-related defamation lawsuit with a claim of election finance fraud by the organization that sent out recent mailers about her.”

DC:  DOES IT NEED REFORM?   WP.   “It seems strange that mayoral and D.C. Council races would be the subject of campaign finance scandal, but the District is different from most municipalities.”

ME:  ETHICS RESULTS TO BE RELEASED.  PH.  “The Maine Ethics Commission is poised to release findings this month in its investigation of Senate Assistant Majority Leader Andre Cushing and a complaint by his sister that he improperly transferred money between a political action committee he controlled and his campaign, personal and business accounts.”

NC:  ACCUSATIONS AGAINST COOPER.   NO.  “State politicians are prohibited from soliciting campaign donations from lobbyists and certain groups while the legislature is in session.”

OH:  $1 MILLION GIVE.   CD.  “A Dayton-area man who made his billions in dog food has contributed $1 million to a super PAC supporting Jon Husted’s campaign for the Republican nomination for governor.”


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