8.16 political law links

FEC TOMORROW.   The agenda for tomorrow’s meeting is available.

TRANSFER IN THE NEWS.   FB.  “Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has sent $800,000 from her campaign funds to her new political action group, Federal Election Commission filings show.”

PENCE RAISING.  HP.  “No vice president in modern political campaigning formed their own fundraising committee independent of the president so far in advance of an election until Vice President Mike Pence launched the Great America Committee in May.”

CA:  UPDATE ON LIMITS.   LAT.  “The state Fair Political Practices Commission last month began the process of lifting the $4,400 limit on political contributions by elected officials to anti-recall campaigns.”

MO:  LOBBYIST GIFTS.  CM.  “Lobbyists spent almost $350,000 during the first six months of the year buying gifts for members of the Missouri General Assembly and their staffs.”

NY:  FILE AND FLEE.   NYP.  “Just days after convincing the Campaign Finance Board to award him an extra $1.6 million in public matching funds for what he called a tough re-election race, Mayor de Blasio headed to Rhode Island Monday for a family vacation.”

NC:  LEADER REMITS.  NO.  “Senate leader Phil Berger’s campaign recently paid a $5,500 forfeiture after an audit found multiple improper contributions above the legal limit.”

WA:  ALLEGATIONS AGAINST DEMOCRATIC GROUP.   TNT  “The Washington State Attorney General’s Office says Pierce County Democrats repeatedly violated state campaign finance laws by failing to properly report thousands of dollars in spending and donations.”.


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