Political Law Links for today

LIMITS AND WARREN.  FB.  “Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), who has positioned herself on the frontlines of campaign finance reform, can circumvent campaign finance limits with the use of a joint fundraising committee that was quietly established earlier this year.”

MENENDEZ TRIAL CHALLENGE.   POL.  “Defense attorney Abbe Lowell, who has emerged as a fixture in criminal cases involving high-profile Washington politicians, is staring down one of his toughest challenges yet: helping a sitting United States senator beat a slew of federal bribery charges.”

BANK FOCUS ON ETHICS.   WSJ.  “In January, Katie Lawler became the first person hired for the newly created position of global chief ethics officer at U.S. Bank.”

AZ:  FACING REPAYMENT.   SB.  “The director of the state’s public campaign financing commission is recommending that a Democratic lawmaker who resigned last month be ordered to repay more than $17,000 he received to run his campaign last year.”

DC:  ETHICS PROFESSOR.  WP.  “Former D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown, who recently finished serving time in prison for accepting bribes, is preparing to deliver a series of speeches about ethics to government employees.”

NJ:  SOFT CORRUPTION BOOK REVIEW.   NJS.  “The Garden State is known for many things. Unfortunately, soft corruption — legal influence peddling — is one of them.”

NY:  MISSING REPORT QUESTIONS.  RCT.  “The Democratic Party county executive candidate Porette’s legally required August 11 financial filings had not been posted on the New York State Board of Election financial disclosure site as of Sunday, August 20, so the Rockland County Times asked the campaign why that is so?”

NY:  EXAMINING CONTRIBUTIONS.   DC.  “One of the attorneys general who has sought probes against the Trump administration has accepted large individual campaign donations from an energy tycoon with connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin.”


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