FEC move on disclaimers and more political law links

FEC MOVE ON DISCLAIMERS.   FEC.  “REG 2011-12 (Internet Communication Disclaimers). The Commission approved a motion to reopen the comment period for an additional period of 30 days.”

SEEKING COMMENT.   MCN.  “In the wake of revelations about Russia buying political ads on Facebook during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Federal Election Commission has reopened the comment period on the need for revising requirements for disclaimers on political communications placed for a fee on another person’s Web site.”

ADS PROMPT COMMENTS.   REU.  “Last week, Facebook said an operation likely based in Russia spent $100,000 on thousands of U.S. ads promoting social and political messages over a two-year period through May, fueling concerns about foreign meddling in U.S. elections.”

MUELLER AND ZUCK.   SLA.  “Folks at Facebook need to lean in and lawyer up. Special counsel Robert Mueller’s legal dream team is likely exploring whether the tech company has liability for political ads sold to a Russian firm. It’s time for Facebook to share what it knows.”

COMMISSIONER IN THE POST.  WP.  “It has been more than a decade since the commission has fully examined how best to regulate political spending on the Internet — an eternity in online years.”

FINANCIAL SERVICES LOBBYING.   BZ.  “The greatest decreases in lobbyist spending have come from securities and investment firms, finance and credit companies, credit unions and commercial banks.”

MI:  BILLS PASS.  WEMU.  “Super PACs wouldn’t be allowed to directly give money to candidates.  But, the groups could use the money to support candidates through things like mailers and TV commercials.”

NM:  DEFENDANTS DROPPED.   SFNM. “A New Mexico District Court judge on Friday dropped several individual defendants from a lawsuit stemming from state pay-to-play investment scandals that date back to former Gov. Bill Richardson’s administration.”

NY:  TIES EXAMINED.   TU.  “Subpoenas were issued by the office of the board’s chief enforcement counsel, Risa Sugarman, seeking documents concerning work done on behalf of the New York City-based Communication Workers of America District 1 and its outside spending group, New Yorkers Together. The subpoenas also seek records regarding several Democrats whom the group backed with heavy union spending, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.”


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