9.19 political law links

HACKER BATTLE.    POL.  “Candidates are quizzing prospective campaign managers on anti-hacking plans.”

RAVEL RESURFACES.   POL.  “To prevent another attack, and provide voters with information about who is behind efforts to sway their votes, we should adopt policies mandating the disclosure of the source of advertisements.”

CA:  BILL MOVES.   SS.  “Proponents of campaign finance reform are celebrating the passage of the Disclose Act, a bill passed by the California Assembly Friday that may require political ads for the web, television, print and radio to disclose a ballot campaign’s top three donors.”

KY:  FINE IN 2011 CASE.  GDT.  “A member of former Gov. Steve Beshear’s administration violated the Executive Branch Code of Ethics by soliciting other state employees for contributions to Beshear’s 2011 re-election campaign, according to the Executive Branch Ethics Commission.”

MD:  TESTING LAW.   BM.  “A candidate’s plan to direct campaign donations to charities could test Montgomery County’s new public financing law.”

MD:  LOBBYIST CHARGED.   WTOP.  “Attorney and registered state lobbyist Matthew Gorman, of Hyattsville, Maryland, is facing federal bribery charges for trying to influence a lawmaker, according to court documents. Gorman offered a $1,000 bribe to former Maryland Del. Will Campos on April 22, 2015, the documents allege.”

NC:  UNREGISTERED LOBBYING ALLEGED.   CO.  “A well-connected Raleigh lobbyist has been the target of a confidential criminal investigation conducted by the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office for more than a year, recently-unsealed court records show.”

NJ:  TALKING ETHICS.   NJ.  “If Kim Guadagno is elected governor, she’s promising ‘a new era of ethics and transparency,’ much like her boss, Chris Christie, did when elected in 2010.”

VA:  TRUST AND REFORM.  WP.  “For all his campaigning against big money in politics, Northam now seems all too happy to accept big money when it suits him.”


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