10.11 political law links

TWITTER FLIP.  POL.  “Twitter is reversing a decision to block Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee from promoting her Senate campaign launch video on the social network.”

HOW TO REGULATE INTERNET.  WE.  “The agency Tuesday started a comment period for the public and special interests to suggest ideas on how to regulate internet-based political ads and paid comments that come over those small devices via big websites.”

STATUS OF REFUNDS.  RGJ.  “Asked if the Clinton-Kaine campaign will return contributions it received from movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, Sen. Tim Kaine repeatedly said the campaign is over. That’s true, but it doesn’t mean the campaign can’t refund donations.”

MURPHY MONEY.  TI.  “So what happens to all that money — some $1.4 million in all — without Murphy in the picture and with both parties anxiously eyeing the vacancy he’ll leave behind?”

OGE LETTER.  WP.  “The recently appointed federal ethics chief has called on Cabinet secretaries and other government leaders to double down on their commitment to ethical conduct, to ensure their actions are ‘motivated by the public good and not by personal interests.’”

TRANSITION ETHICS.  HILL.  “The Trump-Pence transition team at times broke with past precedent during its transfer into the White House, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.”

CO:  NEW LAW IMPACT.  DP.  “A new campaign finance law for Colorado school board races is causing headaches for candidates in the state’s top-line elections in 2018 — from governor to attorney general and beyond — by requiring them to effectively file daily donation reports more than eight months before their primary contests.”

CT:  SELF-INVESTING.  CM.  “Greenwich hedge-fund manager David Stemerman put down a big marker Tuesday in his newly opened campaign for governor of Connecticut, filing a finance report that shows an initial personal investment of $1.8 million in his first race for statewide office.”


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