10.16 political law links from PoliticalActivityLaw.com

GOOGLE AND FB ON BILLS.  POL.  “Google and Facebook are looking to make an early imprint on legislation being drafted in the House and Senate that would force them and other online networks to disclose information about the buyers of political ads.”

$100K CAN’T BUY WHITE HOUSE.  WSJ.   “The danger is that bending facts to fit the Russia story line may nudge Washington into needlessly and recklessly regulating the internet…”

AMAZON ON THE HILL.  NYT.  “Amazon is sweeping the nation’s capitol with a branding campaign of jobs creation and support for small businesses, promoting the upsides of its major expansion in media, groceries and transportation.”

FB BLITZ.  NYT.  “Facebook faces a variety of concerns about fake news and its broader role in the presidential campaign. But the criticism has become far more intense in the last few months, after the company revealed that Russian-linked groups bought more than $100,000 in ads on Facebook to influence the election.”

MENENDEZ TRIAL UPDATE.  ABC.  “Defense attorneys for Menendez and Melgen contend language in the McDonnell decision requires that an alleged bribe be given in exchange for an official taking an action —or agreeing to — on a specifically identified ‘question, cause, suit, proceeding or controversy.’”

JUDGE’S MOVE.  USN.  “A decision is looming in the trial of U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez that could lead to the dismissal of charges and alter the legal landscape for future corruption cases.”

SD:  SPENDING GAP.  RCJ.  “A new batch of ballot measure campaigns — on everything from government ethics to marijuana laws — are now collecting signatures before next month’s submission deadline to get on the 2018 ballot. And campaign finance rules still don’t require them to reveal who is paying for the push until next year.”


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