12.11.17 political law links

CONSULTANT PLEA.   FOX.  “A political consultant for United States Rep. Bob Brady is the third defendant to admit his role in a scheme that attempted to conceal unlawful contributions the congressman’s campaign paid to a 2012 primary opponent to withdraw from the race.”

LEFTOVER FUNDS.   AL.  ” A former U.S. senator is continuing to use his leftover campaign money toward political contributions in South Dakota, nearly five years after announcing his retirement.”

MAKE MONEY DEDUCTIBLE.   CNN.  “For the first time in American politics, anonymous ‘dark money’ political donations could become tax-deductible. That’s if a provision currently being debated between House and Senate negotiators makes it into the final tax bill.”

TAX BILL OPENS DOORS.  IPL.  “There is one very important political law provision to watch as the tax bill moves to a final vote in the Senate, and potentially a conference committee reconciles the House and Senate versions.  This amendment will remove the ban on partisan political activities by charitable entities, churches, educational institutions and all other organizations exempt from tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the tax code.”

LOBBYIST EVENTS.   INT.  “Throughout Washington, D.C., this month, special-interest groups will be hosting scores of glitzy holiday parties. In years’ past, legislators, congressional staff, and government officials have been routinely invited to and attended these events.”

FL:  LEGISLATOR SENTENCED.  USN.  “The Orlando Sentinel reported that the 50-year-old Daytona Beach Democrat withdrew the money from ATMs and used it to pay for everything from meals at McDonald’s to $13,000 for his wedding at New York’s Waldorf Astoria hotel. Prosecutors say he $62,000, which he must repay in $300 monthly installments.”

IN:  LEGALITY DEBATE.   WBOI.    “Mayor Tom Henry has responded to a campaign finance reform measure passed by Fort Wayne City Council in late November.”


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