12.12.17 political law links

ISP GIVING.  VERGE.  “The stakes are high. The internet now touches every town, every city, and every single one of us — whether we use it or not. Those who control the network control the future.”

FIRM LAUNCH.   AXIOS.   “Izzy Klein, a top communications aide for Schumer, and Matt Johnson, Cornyn’s former chief counsel, have worked on both sides of Capitol Hill across 12 committees and the Senate and House Leadership.”

CA:  DISCLOSURE FINE.   SDUT.  “Three years after his unsuccessful campaign for a seat on the National City Council, candidate Ken Seaton-Msemaji and his treasurer have been fined $5,000 by state elections regulators for failing to comply with California law.”

CT:  HIT WITH COMPLAINT.  CTP.  “A state labor organizer has filed an elections complaint against Mattei, a Democrat who last week transitioned from testing the waters for governor to a declared candidate for state attorney general.”

FL:  UBER BLITZ.   TD.  “Uber accelerated its lobbying push the same day Tallahassee city commissioners voted on new rules for the ride-sharing giant — and the company ended up getting much of what it wanted.”

MT:  ALLEGED PARTY VIOLATIONS.   USN.  “The Montana Democratic Party failed to identify the issues and candidates that benefited from its spending of about $375,000 on the 2016 general election, the state’s top election watchdog found.”


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