12.18 political law links

FALLOUT FOR IRS. WP. “Years of conservative attacks on the Internal Revenue Service have greatly diminished the ability of agency regulators to oversee political activity by charities and other nonprofits, documents and interviews show.”

ALLEGATIONS AGAINST BLOOM. LZ. “Lisa Bloom’s efforts to arrange undisclosed compensation during the 2016 presidential campaign for women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual harassment may raise a host of troubling legal ethics and election law worries for the California celebrity lawyer.”

DISCLAIMERS APPROVED. USAT. “Federal election regulators told a political group Thursday that its Facebook ads must include disclaimers showing who paid for them, wading into the debate on social-media advertising as the government grapples with revelations about Russian use of the platforms in last year’s election.”

CA: THEFT CHARGES. MN. “In a case described as ‘textbook corruption,’ longtime Franklin-McKinley School District schools trustee John Lindner has been charged with stealing nearly $30,000 in bond campaign funds that prosecutors say he spent on travel and personal expenses.”

NJ: EXPENSIVE RACE. PAC. “The Election Law Enforcement Commission says last month’s race for governor was the second most expensive in New Jersey history. That sounds shocking at first, but looking at the details, it makes sense and suggests a couple of beneficial campaign finance reforms.”

SC: LOBBYING IN THE CITIES. PC. “South Carolina’s lobbying laws only apply to lobbyists in state government. It’s up to cities, towns and counties to create their own systems to regulate lobbyists, if they see a need. So far, Columbia is one of the only cities that has done so.”

WA: AD QUESTIONS. TCH. “The failed campaign for The Link is drawing complaints from a former Kennewick mayor and a Pasco political activist.”


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