9.17.18 political law links

RULING HALTED.   POLITICO.  “Chief Justice John Roberts stepped in Saturday to halt a federal judge’s order last month that a conservative political group said threatened to discourage independent expenditures by raising the prospect that anonymous donors could be exposed.”

RULING ON HOLD.   SB. “Roberts’ quick action may have stemmed from a desire to bring clarity to the situation as far in advance of the Monday deadline as possible, but it may also reflect his frustration at the D.C. Circuit’s failure to act on Crossroads Grassroots’ request.”

SENATE ELECTRONIC FILING.   HILL.  “If the bill is signed, the Senate would finally be subject to the same electronic filing (e-filing) requirements that the House has had since 1995.”

SCHEME AND THE LAW.    WP. “Is it illegal to tell a politician what you think about an issue and vow to back her opponent if she disagrees? Such a straightforward question should be easy to answer, but it’s not. That alone is an indictment of the hundreds of pages of statutes and regulatory rules that constitute our federal campaign-finance laws.”

CAMPAIGN CIVIL PENALTY.   STL.  “The agreement, which was obtained by the Post-Dispatch, alleged that Chappelle-Nadal used a state campaign account, which has fewer restrictions on the amount of money and the source of that money than a federal campaign, to bolster her federal office challenge of Clay, D-St. Louis.”

NV:  MAYOR CLEARED.   USN.  “The Reno Gazette Journal reported on its web site Friday Commission Chairwoman Cheryl Lau wrote in a letter to Schieve this week that the panel ‘declines to investigate’ the complaint based on a lack of ‘sufficient evidence’ that Schieve used her elected office to benefit her re-election campaign.”


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